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Our Process

Photography is not just about taking a great picture. It is about helping you preserve memories and tell a story!

Planning & Consultation

We gather all the event details and come up with an action plan, including areas of coverage, key moments, required staff, and social media and/or print needs.

Professional Headshots

 We understand that most people hate being in front of the camera, so we do our best to make it fun!  We help clients with posing and capturing those amazing expressions. Our goal is to make you look confident and approachable.

Event Photography

We will capture the event based on the prepared planning brief, with a focus on photo-journalism to capture the natural progression of the events in an editorial format.

Stock Photography

 We provide customized photos to illustrate exactly what you need to highlight your organization's products and/or services - because sometimes generic stock photos aren't enough to tell your story.



We go through all photos and select only the highest quality and memorable moments. 


We carry out further refinement of all carefully selected images through detailed post-processing of colour, shadows, contrast, highlights, and artifacts. 

Final Delivery

We deliver digital photo files via download link, or set up an online gallery for selection, download, and purchase. 


8228-A Chemainus Road

Chemainus, BC 





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