Whether we are creating a website, document design, or a complete photography/videography production, our process remains the same through all of our service categories. We know the struggles of a small budget: our mission is to provide an affordable, artistic approach to marketing your message without compromising quality and creativity. Bring your idea and we will help you from original concept to final delivery!



Tricia Thomas

Owner | Creative Director

Tricia Thomas is an Indigenous entrepreneur, facilitator, business coach, speaker, and a proud member of the Halalt (Xeláltxw) Nation. As Creative Director and founder of Salish Eye Productions, her mission is to create positive change for Indigenous People and build cross-cultural relationships through photo, video, design and communications.


Isaac Jack

Drone | Camera Operator

Isaac is a trained drone pilot with experience working in television. Isaac ensures that Salish Eye Productions keeps images and videos connected to each message while navigating through complex airspace. 

Ken Barnes

Video Editor | Drone | Camera Operator

Ken is an accomplished camera person, drone operator and video editor with many years of international experience, producing and directing films about environmental innovators around the world. His skills and cultural adaptability are valuable assets to our team.

Ken Camera Log House.jpg

Melainie Williams

Administrative Support

Melainie has many years of administrative support experience. She supports Salish Eye Productions, maintains smooth operational paper flow, and contributes to the overall office wellbeing.

Annie is a writer, editor and designer who loves empowering people by documenting their stories in scripts, web content, speeches, and other publications. A Penelakut Tribes member since 1977, she has served as a cross-cultural messenger between Indigenous and mainstream organizations.

Editor | Writer | Designer

Annie Jack


Cass has worked in publishing and marketing for nearly twenty years. She is passionate about creating meaningful visual messages that connect and inspire, to tell each Salish Eye client's story in the best light.

Communications Designer

Cass Redding